The main objective of this department is to optimize the schooling of our students by promoting their potential for learning and their integral development.

A fundamental aspect is the acquisition of core values in order to build principled, sensitive and responsible citizens. For this purpose, the students from Preschool to grade 5 in Secondary School have one period of Counseling with their homeroom teachers.

Taking into account that parents, as well as teachers, are significant people who can influence our students, we strive to work collaboratively in order to establish a school-home network. Thus, throughout the school year we organize a series of workshops for teachers oriented to promote their personal and professional development and orientation to parents through conferences and/or workshops to encourage the healthy growth of their children.

Likewise, we coordinate with external specialists who provide therapy to our students because we know that teamwork benefits their progress.

The main objective of our Department is to optimize the school life of our students, favoring their learning process and promoting their development as integral individuals. Another key aspect is the support given to the strengthening of the IB profile attributes. These attributes are inserted in the Tutorial Program from Nursery through 5th year Secondary School.

The work in this area includes evaluations in learning and emotional aspects of our students. This work is completed by giving workshops in social skills.

We also offer psychological counseling and follow-up of cases brought by teachers. Multidisciplinary team work is a very important work strategy where, along with parents and teachers, external specialists are included.

This program is addressed to all our school community involving teachers, students, parents, mantainance staff, administrative staff.

The main objective is to promote a peaceful environment, based on respect and acceptance of differences so that all kinds of aggression are eradicated. In this way we create social awareness, for people to act with integrity and care, with a sense of equity, justice and respect for people's dignity.

Homeroom teachers are responsible for this program from Nursery until V Secondary school, in coordination with the Psychological Department.

The Homeroom Program is designed to cater for the group's needs, doing activities that enhance the development of all aspects: cognitive, affective and social, and also the development of values and positive attitudes that help students make decisions about their personal, academic and professional future.

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