Pilar Cervantes Rouson

Pilar Cervantes Rouson was born in the USA but is proud to also be a Peruvian citizen. She is totally bilingual and uses English to interact with both students and staff on a daily basis. She has a degree in Infant Education and Post Graduate Studies from the UNIFE - Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón and the Universidad de Lima respectively. She is also a qualified examiner for the Cambridge English Language Speaking Exams and holds a Certificate for Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Cambridge - UK.

Ms. Pilar is an IBEN - IB Educator Network member and has delivered workshops and authorized and evaluated schools in many cities in over ten countries over the last 18 years including our very own Abraham Lincoln School. She is also a founding member of the ASCIBP – Asociación de Colegios IB del Perú.

In over 30 years of experience, Ms. Pilar has held posts of Director of Studies and Director General in prestigious schools and we are very proud to have her as part of our Lincoln Family especially this year when we will be celebrating our 70th anniversary.


Main mentors who are part of our team

Karla Puente García IB Primary School Program Coordinator (PYP)
Claudia Llarena San Blas IB Middle Years Program Coordinator (MYP)
Brenda Caycho Avalos IB Diploma Program Coordinator (DP)
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Rosario Luna Ibarra Head of Training and Welfare, Primary School
Patricia Rivera Ramal Head of Training and Welfare, Secondary School

Advisors and Coordinators:

Main mentors who are part of our team.

Veronica Armas Menacho Deputy Coordinator (PYP) – Nursery

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Analie Mosca Humphery Psychopedagogy Coordinator

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Catherine Bazán Castillo Learning Support Coordinator
Carlos Landauro Rojas Activities Coordinator
Washington Villena Sports Coordinator
Anne Estela Velásquez Language and Literature Advisor
Enrique Sheen Díaz Language Learning Advisor
Liliana Arquinigo Benedicto Humanities Advisor
Marco Antonio Salazar Cossio Science Advisor
Giancarlo Pittaluga Anselmi Mathematics Advisor
Antonio Sevilla Montoya Technology Advisor
Irene Cáceres Oblitas Arts Advisor
Noelia López Ibarguen Physical Education Advisor
Gianella Rossi Falcón Artistic Workshops Coordinator