Welcome Message

Dear members of our Lincoln Community,

It is a pleasure for me to introduce myself as our new Principal and to say that it is an honour to be now forming part of the Abraham Lincoln family in such an important year as this when we turn 70 years old.

This 2020 we will embrace new challenges and work towards maintaining academic excellence and holistic well being of our students throughout the continuous implementation of three IB Programmes we work with, the PYP, MYP and Diploma; the development of both hard and soft skills and also through the support of our alliances with other international organisations such as Cambridge University and the Alliance Francaise, among others.

We are set on promoting and embracing our Abraham Lincoln values: solidarity, democracy, liberty, respect, responsibility and honesty and also on developing happy, well founded, tolerant, inquiring and caring students who put the attributes of the IB Leaner Profile into practice in their daily lives. Our students become internationally minded global citizens who aim to take action in this world promoting peace and understanding of all beliefs, cultures and people.

This is an integrated task that involves students, teachers and parents and I look forward to meeting you all during this school year which aims to be exciting and inspiring!

All the best,

Pilar Cervantes Rouson


Why study at Abraham Lincoln?


To collaborate with the families of our members in the comprehensive education of their children to improve their skills in a bilingual, international, and inclusive context with the commitment of being an outstanding educational institution.


To be an excellent educational community in which all the members participate actively and efficiently to form world citizens engaged in the ongoing development of their skills.

Our students complete their studies with a broad, balanced, bilingual, and inclusive IB curriculum that allows them to enter the best universities in Peru and abroad.

Our curriculum focuses not only on academic skills, but also on basic skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

We offer an advanced arts program through which students learn to play musical instruments, to communicate through visual arts, to use dancing as a body expression and drama as a form of enhancing creativity and improving personal development.

Our institution strongly focuses on learning through instructive visits, study trips, and the practice of community action where students acquire knowledge and perspective. There is also a wide range of extracurricular activities that include various sports and artistic workshops.

We emphasize our values of Solidarity, Democracy, Respect, Freedom, Responsibility, and Honesty, which are reinforced through our curriculum and our daily actions.

Our school provides a warm and caring atmosphere where all the community members identify with the institution’s principles and students feel respected and valued.


  • Champions in gymnastics, table tennis, swimming, athletics, taekwondo, volleyball, baseball, and soccer

  • Special pavilion to develop artistic skills

  • Modern infrastructure of approx. 12 acres

  • Authorized center for Cambridge exams

  • We raise environmental awareness


Our Beginnings

Our school was founded in 1950 in a house in the district of San Isidro, fulfilling the dream of a group of parents who wanted to provide first-class education to their children. For this, they decided to form the first Educational Services Cooperative in Peru, formed by 103 families that shared the same values and ideals.

Mr. Manuel Sánchez Palacios was the first President of the Cooperative and with the support of the United States Embassy, he managed to hire Ms. Alie M. Allen, the first North American Principal of our school. With the rapid growth of our institution, in 1981 we expanded the facilities and inaugurated our current location in La Molina.

“Our educational institution has inspired learning within our community since 1950”

Colegio Peruano Norteamericano Abraham Lincoln through time:

  • 1950

    “Colegio Peruano Norteamericano Abraham Lincoln”, the first cooperative school in Peru, is born in San Isidro.
  • 1955

    First Peruvian principal of the school: Mrs. Eudocia Ancaya de Santillán.
  • 1975

    Acquisition of the ground in La Molina.
  • 1979

    Construction of the school starts.
  • 1981

    Classes start uninterruptedly to date.
  • 2004

    Implementation of the International Baccalaureate (IB) with the Diploma program.
  • 2007

    The Middle Years Program is authorized by the IB.
  • 2011

    The Primary School Program is authorized by the IB.

Advantages of being part of a cooperative school

Being part of a “Cooperative School” enables its associates in decision-making in order to improve educational quality and infrastructure, always ensuring the welfare of the institution and its members. At the same time, it means that all its associates will share the principles of the cooperative: Democracy, Respect and Freedom, which implies commitment and dedication of all its members.

"Understanding the past is understanding the present without any distinctions or preferences. This will make us better cooperativists and better members."