Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan


Our educational institution has as a priority to take care of the welfare and integrity of all the members of our educational community. It is our concern to ensure the safety, care, and development of a culture of prevention, a task that is the responsibility of all the members of the Lincoln community.

Like all educational institutions, we are exposed to internal and external situations that pose risks for the members of our community. Our prevention task seeks to identify these situations opportunely because of the danger they represent for the safety of our students and the teaching and administrative staff, in order to ensure an appropriate response to minimize possible damages.

For that purpose, our Civil Defense Committee has been formed and some measures have been taken for emergency cases. Particularly, we want to give them some instructions in case of earthquakes.

1. Drills

Our school has been carrying out earthquake drills programmed by the Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI). We also perform other drills without prior notice at various times of the day.



- First-aid brigade formed by the school staff, directed by the doctor and the nurses of the institution.

- Communication with the Municipality of La Molina, Fire department, National Police, volunteer parents, and registration of physician parents for any contingency.

-Tents to care for and give assistance to the wounded.

-Warehouses for emergency situations are being implemented with water, biscuits, tuna, flashlights, battery-powered radios, internal communication radios, megaphones, tools for rescue and supplies, and medicines for the care of the injured.

- We have a contingency plan that consists of several phases and which involves all our staff. This plan ensures that our students are accompanied all the time.



 Our Emergency Plan includes 6 phases:

Phase 1: Evacuation of the classrooms and facilities towards the security zones with the teacher in charge of the class, according to the school schedule. In the case of students with physical disabilities, they will have an assigned teacher responsible for their transfer.

Phase 2: Location of students by Coaching. Attendance list and transfer of students.

-  Nursery: Children will remain in zones 1 and 3 with classroom teachers and specialists.

-  Primary School: 1st grade students will remain in zone 3, and students in 2nd through 5th grade will go to zone 6 (soccer field).

-  Secondary School: They will go to zone 6 (soccer field) and will meet according to tutoring.

 The assembly of tents will be carried out and the wounded will be assisted.

In this phase, the following brigades are activated:

  • Evacuation
  • FirstAid
  • Rescue
  • Safety
  • Fire fighting

   Phase 3: Regrouping by families and zones. (See attached map)

-Students who are in zone 6 (soccer field) that have younger siblings in Nursery and/ or 1st grade, go to zones 1 and 3 to meet their siblings and cluster in families.

- Older siblings who have younger siblings meet with them in zone 6 (the older one seeks the younger one).

- Only the children of 2nd grade to V of Secondary level will stay with their tutors in zone 6.

Phase 4: Organization for the pick-up of students. Parents will wait in the external zone and follow the instructions of the assigned personnel.

Phase 5: Student Pick-up by parents or guardians: Parents will park their vehicles in Lot 9 or nearby parks and will walk to the corresponding doors. PARKING on islands 1 and 2 will NOT BE ALLOWED to avoid traffic jam. Parking exit will be using a pick-up card in case of emergency.

No student will leave on their own. Parents or authorized persons should go to the school to pick them up. In all cases, there will be a record of the person who picks up the student.

Provisions or measures regarding students who use the school shuttles will be sent soon.

Exit doors:

- Door No. 1: Nursery and 1st grade students will be released with their older siblings from Primary and Secondary levels.

- Door No. 6: Primary and Secondary level students who do not have siblings in Nursery or 1st grade will be released.

Phase 6: Accompaniment and supervision of students not picked up; dismissal of teachers and administrative and service personnel in order of priority. Support of volunteer parents for the care of students and for medical assistance.

As of Phase 4, if the signal conditions allow it, photos will be published in the Emergency Blog http://abrahamlincoln.blogspot.es. We will communicate with the Municipality of La Molina, Volunteer Fire Department, and National Police for the corresponding support.