Lincoln Student

Lincoln students develop a unique profile that combines the attributes of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and the institutional values ​​of our school.

*   Inquirers              

*   Informed and trained

*   Thinkers

*   Reflective                 

*   Open-minded             

*   Upright                           

*   Balanced             

*  Good communicators

*   Fraternal                          

*   Audacious


What is the IB?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an International Organization that offers an education composed of four programs focused on teaching students to think critically and independently, as well as to be inquiring, supportive and logical. IB education prepares students to succeed in a world where factual information is mixed in the press with fictional information, and where knowing how to ask good questions is an essential skill that will allow them to continue making progress long after the end of our programs.

  • PYP

    The Primary School Program of the International Baccalaureate Organization (OBI) has been taught in our school since 2011 in the Nursery and Primary levels (from Nursery to 5th grade).

    PEP Curriculum

    The curriculum is developed in English and Spanish and is run by a highly qualified bilingual teaching staff, which receives permanent official IB training. The pedagogical proposal of the PYP is based on the comprehensive development of the students to train people with an international mentality that "aware of the condition that unites them as human beings and of the shared responsibility of watching over the planet, can contribute to create a better, more peaceful world." This objective responds to the principles of the OBI and is aligned with the founding values ​​of our educational institution.
    In PEP, a balance is sought between the acquisition of skills, knowledge, conceptual understanding, positive attitudes, and the decision to act responsibly. This work is developed by promoting the pedagogy of inquiry where students assume their learning in order to make it meaningful and long-lasting.
    In the fifth grade, students carry out the culminating IB project called Exhibition, which consists of a transdisciplinary research conducted in group about a local problem or issue with global relevance. The Exhibition is a significant event where students have the opportunity of sharing with the entire school community their understanding of the essential elements of the PYP and the attributes of the IB profile acquired throughout their career in the program.
  • MYP

    Authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) since January 2007, our school offers the Middle Years Program (MYP) to students from grades 6° to 9°.

    MYP Curriculum

    The curriculum is developed in English and Spanish in each of the grades. The MYP provides a demanding academic framework that motivates students to understand and embrace the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, thus becoming critical and reflective thinkers.
    The 21st century poses numerous and changing demands to adolescents. They are at a crucial stage of their personal, social, physical, and intellectual development characterized by uncertainty and questioning. The PAI is designed to help them find a sense of belonging in the world around them - a world in constant evolution and increasingly interrelated - and instill in them a positive attitude towards learning. 
    The program is composed of eight subject groups, integrated by six global contexts that constitute a framework for disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning. These groups of subjects are: Language and Literature, Foreign Language Learning ​​(English, Chinese and French), Individuals and Societies, Technology, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical Education and Health. In the last year of the program, they also carry out a personal project that allows them to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired since the first year. The students prepare their personal project, a work of great importance, a result of their initiative and creativity. Projects should reflect individual understanding of global contexts and the development of learning approach skills.
    Within this program, students take field trips in our country, and they carry out projects and field work related to the different subjects, as well as community and service projects. In addition, students have the chance to participate in international intercultural trips to the US and England. In this last country, we successfully participated in the British English Olympics (BEO). 
    In the area of ​​Language Learning, students obtain international certifications from Cambridge, PET, and FCE. They also obtain international certifications in the Chinese and French languages. 
    The technology area​​ is a very important aspect we develop with our students and teachers from the first year of PAI. All students have laptops for their classes, where they use e-books, interactive books, as well as adaptive virtual platforms such as Aleks (mathematics). Also, students have been developing STEM projects where they design and make 3D prints.
  • DP

    At Lincoln school, this program has been authorized since 2004, and it is addressed to all 10th and 11th graders, with a demanding two-year curriculum that meets the needs of highly motivated students and leads to a certification that is recognized by leading universities around the world.

    DP Curriculum

    Next, we detail the options of the groups and the courses that are offered in the school:
    Group 1: Language and Literature Studies: Literature; Language and literature
    Group 2: Acquisition of Languages: English
    Group 3: Individuals and societies: History 
    Group 4: Sciences: Biology; Physical; Chemistry
    Group 5: Mathematics: Mathematics NM; Mathematics NS; Mathematical studies NM
    Group 6: Arts and Electives: Visual arts; Business & Management; Psychology; TISG; Chemistry
    The Diploma Program seeks holistic and demanding learning, which allows our students to develop multiple skills that help them personally and professionally. 
    Along with the courses mentioned, the PD indicates the delivery of three core courses such as: Theory of Knowledge, CAS and Monography.
     In addition to these BI courses, the school offers other subjects as part of the Peruvian Educational System such as Religion, Physical Education (EF), and Performing Arts.