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Why study at Abraham Lincoln?

More than 1,300 students who study from Nursery (3 years) to fifth year of Secondary School, learn and develop in a demanding, inclusive, bilingual, and multicultural environment.

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"I believe that school was a fundamental part of my career as an athlete because it was not only focused on studies, but it was also about the student as a whole."

Marcela Castillo

Promoción 2009

"The school supported me a lot. They appointed us at assemblies, and they were very proud of us."

Alessandra Malfitano

Promoción 2006

"I know that, today, this school is one of the most important ones in Lima. I feel very happy because it deserves to have grown and progressed, and I imagine it’s still a great school like before. Students who study there are very lucky.”

Azucena Rodriguez

Promoción 1959

"I would tell them to take advantage of the International Baccalaureate Program since it gets you closer to university life. Already knowing how to write essays, extended essays or research assignments is very useful at the university."

Lorena Sebastiani

Promoción 2007

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