General Information

The school campus takes up an area of approximately 50 000 sq. mts. In modern architecture, spacious buildings hold the academic work of students; the arts; and direction and management, with courtyards and green areas allowing for the free movement of students.

We also have two language laboratories with individual booths to help students work at their own pace.

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are continuously updated with new equipment, helping students learn better through observation and testing. The library—connected to the internet—has almost 15 000 volumes and offers borrowing, circulation, and reference services of bibliographical and visual materials. It also has music and art sections; a multipurpose area, library; an auditorium holding 150 people for cultural activities of students, teachers and parents; and three computer labs with high-tech equipment.

To practice sports, and for physical and artistic instruction, we have a spacious coliseum for 2 000 people, a 300-meter athletic track (synthetic material and 13mm width), high and long jump areas, an official size soccer field, a baseball and softball diamond, and auxiliary sports fields for volleyball, basketball and the Peruvian fulbito.

There is also an adjacent green area of approximately 11 000 sq. mts. that facilitates the recreational activities and artistic and sports extension programs for the Lincolnite family.





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